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Eyeshadow Application Tips For Hooded Eyes

By Denise Robinson February 19, 2019 0 comments

Lot of ladies with hooded eyes tend to struggle with their makeups. I mean, what’s the use when all your effort seems to vanish the very moment you open your eyes?

After making all those efforts and taking the time to wear your eyeshadow only to discover them disappearing the minute you open your eyes is quite disheartening. And to be sincere, its really frustrating.

People with hooded or deep set eyes typically have little of visible eyelids, as such, the traditional application of makeups on the crease will never work for them. If your eyeshadow tends to become invisible each time you open your eyes after applying them, then you probably have deep set eyes.

Having hooded eyes may keep you out of the fun other girls are having with makeup; but that’s if you let it.The good thing about makeup is that they are really for fun, and with new makeup being released almost every week, you’ll always have something new to try.

All you need is to find the right trick to keep your makeup from doing the disappearing acts when you apply them. I have created this guide to show you how to do just that. This way you can apply makeup and they will remain visible even when you open your eyes or are looking straight ahead of you.

How To Apply Eyeshadow For Hooded Eyes

Prep Your Face and Eyes

Most times when applying makeup, we tend to make the mistake of preparing just the areas around the eyes. Eyeshadows despite bearing the ‘eye’ name, affects the whole face. As such prepping the whole face is quite necessary.

Prepping your face for makeup is quite easy as you no doubt already know. Simply wash your face with a mild cleanser and then follow up with a moisturizer. By doing this to the whole face, your makeup will tend to last longer.

Forget About Your Crease and Focus On Your Brow Bones

Having hooded eyes means that you have very little visible space on your brows, the whole crease tends to disappear once you open your eyes. As such, the traditional style of eyeshadow application on the crease will not work for you. If you have been struggling with makeups for sometime now, you probably are already aware of this fact.

So instead of focusing your attention and brush on the ‘non-existent’ crease, direct your brush more towards your brow bone. The brow bone is the hard space between the crease and the upper eyelashes.

So here, apply a soft tone of the eyeshadow by swiping your brush in a windscreen motion on the crease and then outwardly on your brow bone, take it a little higher with each stroke. The soft color tone on your brow bone tend to open deep set eyes and highlight the hidden crease.

Hooded eyeshadow look

Add a Shimmery or Matte Eyeshadow

With very little visible lids, you might want to focus more on the outer parts of your eyes, so they serve as your canvas. This is very easy to do. Simply add a matte or shimmery eyeshadow that is a tone lighter than your natural complexion.

Doing this tends to highlight the brow bones and makes it look like the eyelids. Above everything else, the end effect is drowned eyes with all attention drawn upwards.

Shimmery hooded eyeshadow look

Time For a Darker Shade

You’ll have to be a lot more careful when applying dark shades. Unlike light tones, dark colors are a lot harder to clean once they have been applied and are much more visible.

So apply dark shade little by little, after all, you can always apply more if you want to. Apply the dark shade by adding the color exactly where you want them and then using a brush to blend gently until it evens out.

Do this little by little until you achieve the effect you want and then you can add a little shimmer to the eyelids if you want and you’ll be all set.

Hooded eyeshadow look

Pro Tips

Always Keep Your Eyes Open

When applying eyeshadow, we often make the mistake of closing the eyes or tilting the head and not looking straight into the mirror.

When applying makeup, ensure you look yourself straight up in the mirror, it doesn’t matter if you can see yourself while doing the makeup, you can always do that once you’re through.

Wing Each Makeup Out A Little

You might be tempted to stop the colors where your eyelids closes but that will not work well with hooded eyes.

Rather drag the colors out a little beyond the point where your upper and lower lids meets. This way, when you open your eyes and look straight or ahead, your blending work will still be visible and you won’t have to depend on the crease to show them.

Take the Soft Color to Your Lower Lash Line

To carve out your eyes and make them stand out even more, you may want to highlight your lower lash with the soft color tone.

This may sound a little dramatic and may even look like you’ll end up with a droopy eye, but that's far from reality. Aside from making your statement color bolder and and more visible, the lower lash color will add more depth to your eyes and make them look bigger.

Avoid Harsh Eyeliners By All Means

Harsh eyeliners tend to make your eyes look smaller and a little deeper. So it’s best you avoid them as much as you can, instead opt for a pencil liner that you can blend for a smoky effect while doing your makeup.

Having hooded eyes can make makeup application a little difficult and you’ll need to make extra effort to bring out your enhance your beauty. But that shouldn’t keep you from trying something new or giving up on makeups.

When it comes to hooded eye makeup, practice makes perfect and with time, you’ll surely find the right style that suits you. With these tips, you should find your eyeshadow to open up your eyes and prevent your eyelids from disappearing, even when you open your eyes and look straight up or straight ahead of you.


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