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How to Apply False Eyelashes for Beginners

By Denise Robinson February 20, 2019 0 comments

Still don't know how to fix those beautiful false eyelashes? Don't worry there's always a time when we were all learners. The only difference is learning and practising.

For most ladies, getting a new false eyelash means another arduous trip to the salon, but it doesn't have to be this way for you all the time.

Fixing false eyelashes is a very simple process, a trick you can learn within a few minutes and perfect after a few practices.

In this guide I'll be showing you how to fix false eyelashes within a few minutes, so you can save yourself from those frequent trips to the salon or better yet, still learn how to do it yourself just for the fun of it.

I mean what's more fun than knowing that you can makeup yourself and customize your own lashes the way you want them. It's always a pleasure for us ladies to know we have control over our beauty.

Things you'll need to fix false eyelashes

  • False eyelashes
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Eyelash glue
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • A pair of scissors

How To Fix False Eyelashes

Choose Your False Eyelashes

The first step to fixing false eyelashes is choosing the lashes. When it comes to false eyelashes, there’s no one size fits all for in the market.

Most times, the best practice is to try a few eyelashes and see the ones that best suites you, and then you can stick with them. Fortunately for you, you'll find most eyelashes will fit as most brands are always careful enough to customize their false lashes to meet the demands of almost everyone.

curling fake eyelash extensions

Start With Mascara

After completing your eyeshadow and applying your eyeliner, you'll need to curl your natural eyelashes and then apply mascara.

There's no doubt, that most of us have natural eyelashes that that point downwards. Such eyelashes will need to be curl upward before you can apply your false lashes. Without curling, you'll see a disconnect between your natural lashes and false eyelashes when you finally apply them. The disconnect is never a pleasant sight, as such, you may want to curl your lashes first, apply your mascara and wait for it to dry.

Trim Your False Lashes

Use a pair of tweezers to lift out your false eyelashes from it’s packaging and then allow them to rest atop it.

False lashes are rarely going to be the length of the natural eyelashes. This is to allow more people to be able to use them without finding them being too short. If yours is longer than your natural eyelashes (it should) you'll need to trim and customize it to fit.

Measure the size of the false eyelash you'll need by placing it along the length of your eyelashes. Now hold it at the point it fits and then carefully trim the remaining length. Always trim the false eyelashes from the outside corner so it doesn't lose its shape.

Apply the Glue

Most false eyelashes come with glue on the liner. Most times the glues will not hold up for long as they invariably lost their strength while in storage.

As such you'll need to find yourself a good false lash glue. Most false lash glues come in two options: black and white.

The black type is as effective as the white one. The only advantage to the white glue is that it changes to blue when it is set for you to use fix the eyelashes.

Most times after applying your glue to the eyelashes, it is recommended that you wait at least 10 seconds and then only apply the eyelashes when the glue feels tacky. This will ensure it holds on for longer periods.

woman with false eyelash extensions

Apply the Eyelashes

Once the glue feels tacky to the fingers, then you're all set to fix your false eyelashes.

Fixing false eyelashes is quite easy. It is recommended that you fix the liner of the eyelashes on the liner of your natural eyelashes. This way it wouldn't look out of place or seem unaligned with a close up. 

To align both liners properly, it's best you approach the natural eyeliner from behind and not the front. That is, while holding the false eyelashes, take it behind your eyelids and then move it slowly towards your natural eyeliner from behind it.

Once it's on the eyelash it's in place, allow it to set by itself.

Use an Eyeliner

As a beginner, there's every chance that a seam will appear between the liner of your natural lashes and that of your false eyelashes. If this is the case, you'll want to hide this by applying more eyeliner or another coat of mascara and then curl both lashes again so that they blend in.

false eyelash extensions

Pro Tips

Do Not Press the False Lashes to Make Them Stick

After applying your eyelashes, do not make the mistake of pressing or applying pressure on the lashes to stick, that make create a disconnect between both lashes. Rather give the glue a few minutes to set on its own.

Don't Apply Eyelashes Before Eyeshadow or Eyeliners

Fixing false Eyelashes should be the last step in your makeup routine.

By applying false eyelashes before doing your makeup might leave some particles of eyeshadow on the lashes, your brush may create a disconnect or you might even run the risk of them falling off.

Make the Lashes Curvy

You can make the process of application a little easier for yourself by curling your false lashes before applying them.

To do this, simply wrap the false eyelashes around the handle of a medium size makeup brush. Leave for a few seconds and then unwrap them. This will ensure they curve easily along the length of your natural eyelashes.

Place Your Mirror Right

Right mirror placement as most ladies have come to find out, makes a world of difference when it comes to applying false eyelashes.

Keep your mirror on a flat surface and ensure you're looking at it straight, by placing each elbows on each sides of the mirror.

Applying false eyelashes as a beginner, might seem a bit challenging. With practice however, you'll find yourself getting better at it more and more each day, and the process becoming less and less challenging as it becomes more fun!


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