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How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

By Denise Robinson March 29, 2019 0 comments

Ever been to a party and your lip color disappeared before you reached there? OR

Laughing too much made your lipstick patchy while you hung out with your friends?

Sometimes lips even start bleeding, leaving looking you looking like a dangerous vampire.

We girls definitely know the struggle of carrying a flawless lip appearance and often keep an “emergency” lipstick in our bag if anything goes bad with it.

The reasons behind these lipstick catastrophes can be many. For example, inadequate lip treatment, dehydration, or simply just a bad or poor quality cosmetic product. It is advised to choose the lip products carefully because some cheap products might contain cancerous elements like lead.

Today we will share a lipstick application method and some hacks which will save you from retouches and reapplications over and over during your busy days.

First, we will share an easy and effective lip care routine with you. By following it, you can make your lips healthy looking and attractive. This will also help your lipstick to stay put for a longer period and do justice to your beauty completely.

Later we will brief about the actual application of the product on your lips.

Phase 1: Preparing your lips for application

1 Exfoliate your lip skin:

Easiest hack for exfoliation of your lips is to brush them gently with a toothbrush while you are brushing. But it won’t be as long-lasting as scrubbing because it won’t provide sufficient softness to last whole day.

But for more proper and detailed treatment, buy or make a scrub at home using sugar and any essential oil like coconut, olive, jojoba or tea tree oil. You can also simply use honey alone but you might get tempted to lick it while scrubbing your lips.

Scrub your lips for a few seconds to remove the dead cells and residual skin patches.

It’s a good practice for smoothening the chopped and dried lips and will provide you even skin for the product application.

2 Add moisture to your lips:

It is very vital because if you are going to use matte lipstick, lip liner, primer, or powder, it can take the moisture out of your lips. Dry lips can also require more product as the product will not be properly blended and griped with your lip skin.

Use just a tiny bit of a fruity fragrant chapstick, a lip balm or simply the petroleum jelly, and apply it on your upper and lower lip and massage it and leave it for a few seconds. Avoid overdoing it or using an oily one. It can make your lip products slip or smear later.

Although usually, people use a lipstick brush or directly apply it from the stick, you should use your fingers because the heat of your fingertips will soothe your lip skin and product will also melt well with the body temperatures.

Clean off the moisturizing balm with a tissue or makeup wipe if it isn’t fully absorbed before moving forward.

3 Prime your lips with foundation if needed:

If you think backing up your lip color with a primer will help you to pull off the shade you are going to apply, it is recommended to do so.

Prime your lips same way you prime your face, using a silicon sponge or a beauty blender. Stretch your lips like when you smile so that the cracks also get covered correctly.

4 Define your lips with a lip liner:

You can manipulate your lips shape using lip liner and make them look neater. It is also optional but recommended. It is a two-step method:

I. Choosing the right color:

Take your skin tone, undertones and the lipstick color in consideration while selecting your lip liner shade. For loud lipstick shades use one shade darker lip liner to have a sheer look.

Else you can choose a nude lip liner when you have worn a primer or you are going for a natural or light and casual look.

II. Applying correctly:

Draw a boundary of your lips outside inside or on your natural lip line if you want to show bigger, smaller or original lips respectively. You can even achieve a wider or rounder look in the same way. Tap the lip liner on the edges if you want a softening effect.

Phase 2: Lipstick Application

1 Choose a lip color that suits your skin tone and complexion:

You can wear whatever you like and pull it off if you are confident. But in case you can’t risk the final look, give your lip color a thought after examining your skin tones and undertones.

Bold colors will go well with dark skin while pale skin goes best with neon shades. Red, however, is a foolproof lipstick color and suits almost everyone.

2 Put on your lipstick:

It’s time to charm your lips by filling color within your lip boundaries. For best blending effects, use a brush or a cotton swab and take your time to blend. This will help in saving the product from wasting.

3 Apply an extra coat:

Let the previous coat sit in and apply an extra coat for achieving adequate color opacity and longer sustainability.

4 Clean the inside of your lips:

Take your finger in your mouth and take it out like a Popsicle. This will get the extra product out and your teeth won’t get painted from your lip color.

5 Dust with translucent powder for durability:

Brush some loose powder while dabbing a thin tissue over your lips. All the smear prone product will be dried out and you could eat and drink freely.

6 Apply makeup corrector outside the edges:

Take some product on your thin brush and even out the outer surface of your lips to have more defined and embossed looking lips.

7 Try applying a highlighter pencil:

You can put some highlighter on the Cupid’s bow, just enough to make that area standout the most because it is the focal curve of your lips and you can flaunt it if you want.

8 Enhance using lip-gloss:

If you want to have a fancy makeover, you can choose to apply a gloss of the same or one shade lighter color on the lipstick. It gives a fresher and younger touch to your overall makeup appearance.

Following the mentioned techniques and methods will help you achieve an accurate style of lipstick. If you practice and learn this art, you might not even want to apply any heavy makeup product during your casual daily look.

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