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How To Do A Cat Eye

By Denise Robinson March 12, 2019 0 comments

The feline grace is one of the most coveted fashion styles in the history of mankind. From the catwalk, meekness to the very graceful eye flicks, women down the history and in different parts of the world have much applied the innocent yet powerfully beautiful grace of the feline family to their life and fashion styles.

The cat eye makeup is a very powerful makeup every lady should have in her repertoire. Think about it; the cats have very beautiful innocent eyes that makes us want to love them at all cost even when we don’t want to.

Even when the cat does wrong, stray away or disobey our commands, it’s innocent flicks can easily melt the hardest of hearts, not to talk about how gorgeous they can be when they appear sorry.

The Egyptian women have long coveted this beautifully powerful innocent looks far longer than any us of can imagine. Most notable among them is Cleopatra, whose loveliness is well-known then among kings and still remembered today in poems and novels dedicated to her beauty.

Funnily, the cat eye makeup is ridiculously simple to apply if you can master it but can be quite challenging if you’re just starting out especially when trying to balance the look on both sides of the eyes.

This post provides you with a guide on how to do the cat eye makeup in just a few minutes. When it comes to applying cat eye makeup, practising, again and again, is key to getting it right and once you know how to do it, it becomes yours forever.

Things you’ll need:

● Primer
● Eyeliner
● brush

Step 1: Prep Your Eyes

The first step to creating the perfect cat eye makeup is to prep the eyelids and make a very good base for the eyeliner.

If you have red circles around your eyes or if they appear puffy, you may want to use a serum to clear the inflammation before starting with your cat eye makeup. This helps to keep your eyes from looking bloated after the makeup has been applied.

Also, ensure your lids are thoroughly cleansed, moisturized and toned perfectly before starting with the cat eye makeup. When it comes to makeup, the way you dress your base is the way your makeup sits on it, as such going the extra miles to ensure your base is clean and very comfortable for your makeup is very important.

Step 2: Put on Some Eyeshadow

Applying eyeshadow before doing the cat eye makeup is very important. The eyeshadow will provide a base for the eyeliner and a platform to cling on to so it can stay up for longer periods.

It’s important you avoid dark eyeshadow as much as possible when doing the cat eye makeup. This is because cat eye on its own already appear a little dramatic and combining it will only make it look overdone which can come across as ‘trying too hard’.

So, by all means, avoid dark eyeshadow with cat eye makeups. Instead, opt for a color that’s almost the same tone as your skin color or slightly lighter. Do not make use of cream eyeshadow, the eyeliner won’t stick properly with those.

Step 3: Finding the Line Angle

Cat eye make basically involves extending your lower and upper eyelash lines. While this may sound ridiculously easy (and it is!), you may find it a lot difficult balancing both eyes and even drawing the lines perfectly considering you’ll be working close to a very sensitive organ.

To get the perfect angle for your cat eye makeup, place the stalk of your brush beside your nose. Make sure it touches the sides of your nostril and then move the other end closer and closer until it just touches the line where your upper and lower eyelids meet. That point should be where your lash extension line should follow through.

Step 4: Drawing the Line

Now use your eyeliner to make dots from your eyelids following the line of the eyelash to the point where the brush stalk ends (this, of course, should go a little towards the end of your upper eyebrow). connect the dots to make a line.

Now do the same for the lower eyelid and ensure both lines meet to form a small triangle.

Step 5: Fill in the Triangle

Once you’ve created the triangle, you’ll need to fill it so you can create the flick. Use a liquid eyeliner and gently fill the triangle. Ensure you add enough layer so the product will appear smooth and saturated.

Step 6: Join the Triangle to Your Lash

Now all you have to do is to join the filled triangle to your eye. This is more like you want to apply an eyeliner as you normally would, only that you’ll be applying it from the triangle inward towards the cornea.

Follow the natural upper line of the triangle until its ends meet with your eyelash and then you can shade it until it is the same shade as the rest of the triangle.

Once you’ve done this, you can open your eyes and see if there’s a mistake. If you find any part you do not like, feel free to use a makeup remover to remove it and if there’s any smudge, all you have to do is to erase it with a makeup remover.

You can even make use of the makeup remover to sharpen your cat eye makeup by rubbing it around the edges until it becomes very sharp and smooth.

Step 7: Apply Your Mascara

Wait for a few minutes for the eyeliner to dry up and then apply your mascara as you would normally.

The cat eye makeup is a very powerful makeup and one every lady should know how to. The trickier part of cat eye makeup is balancing the look on both sides of the eyes. This is why it’s important you start practising right way so you won’t have to worry when you need it most.

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