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Makeup Organization Tips

By Denise Robinson March 04, 2019 0 comments

As a woman, makeup is an essential aspect of your life and should be handled meticulously. While it may be an important routine, it is also quite complicated; trying to figure out where and when to apply it, and what makes matters worse is if your makeup kit is not arranged, then you'll have to start figuring out where you kept the eyeliner and foundation. In this article, we'll discuss tips on how to better organize your makeup.


makeup organization

Makeup Storage Area Should Give Priority to Your Daily Wear

As a woman you need to allocate a particular space to keep your make up, usually, they have drawers for that. This makeup space has to be substantial depending on how many items you have or plan to have. You should also set aside the makeup you use on a daily basis and those that you use for special occasions.

Clean Out Old Makeup You Don’t Wear

When it comes to makeup, space is very essential. You'll find out that a lot of makeup in your cabinet or drawers hasn't been used for a long time or you don't makeup organizeruse them anymore. I'm sure you think you have your reasons for storing these items. Either you've been saving them for an occasion that doesn't seem to take place or you feel you may have the need for them. In most cases, these products will never be used by you again and might stay in your draw for more than a year. So you see you need to get rid of those items you never use, whether it's a lipstick that is out of style or even an old brush. You need to clear up space for other products that you might get in the future. Even if you don't want new stuff, it doesn't hurt to create space.

Think Outside The Box When It Comes To Storage

If you've run out of places to store your makeup items, you can always make use of unconventional methods to keep them. You can use empty jars to store your q-tips and cotton balls organizerbrushes, candle jars will do quite nicely. You can also use empty boxes to keep your mascara eyeliner and other things, for example, some people use the boxes that were used to package their eyeglasses. One odd but practical storage method beauty blogger Cybele Parsignault, uses is the spice rack organizer. This rack allows you to store your items at different levels according to which category you want. There are lots of other ways you can keep your make up you don't have to follow the conventional methods. You too can come up with your own ideas.

Get A Makeup Storage Bag

Makeup storage bags will help you to store your makeup in an organized and easily accessible manner. A good makeup bag will be the one that can be able to store everything you have. The bags vary in the way they are designed but most of them usually have an interior wall that can be wiped clean as well as a zip that makeup bagcan be closed to avoid spillage. They also have a quilted or padded exterior that offers extra protection. An alternative to the makeup storage bags will be small tackle boxes that are bit larger, cheaper and also quite great when it comes to organizing a wide range of makeup. The tackle boxes are especially excellent for makeup meant for special events since you can easily see what is available. If you do not often carry your makeup around or you mostly apply it when you are at home, a basket or drawer will also be suitable for storing your daily makeup.

Label Your Boxes

This is an excellent way to organize your makeup items because labeling your boxes enables you to know where they all are, and if you know where they are you will find ways and occasions to use them. Just seeing the items alone can make your brain work in different ways to apply them, and as a lady, creativity is key. Labeling also helps you to know where to keep your red eyeliner when you're done with it, instead of placing it where you feel convenient.

Group Items By Brand As Well As Color

lipstickIf you're the kind of person that owns a lot of makeup items, you might want to organize your stuff according to the area of the face, they work on. For instance, you might want to organize your eyeliners, eye shadow and mascara close together ( not in the same place though ). With your lipstick and lip gloss close together as well. Also within the category of eyeliner, you may want to arrange them according to brands and colors. Mostly designer products will be distinguished here.

Makeup Storage Piles

When creating makeup storage piles, you can, for instance, have a pile for daily wear that consists of the makeup with the basic colors that match almost any attire you put on with the coordinating lipstick. Make sure to keep it simple. You makeup wipescould also have a pile of the makeup you use for skin care. This will include things such as moisturizers, sunscreens, makeup removers, serums, and acne treatments. Q-tips and cotton balls can also be included among the skin care products. Makeup removal may be necessary on a daily basis especially if you travel much, you are a sports person or you just don't like being covered in makeup all day. To save makeup storage space, purchase a package of pre-moistened cleaning clothes to help you with makeup removal.

Depot Lipsticks and Eyeshadows to Create Smaller Palettes

Depotting is a new idea used by a lot of people, with this method you take these makeup out of their primary packets and placing them in little palettes. This allows you to increase space to store your other items.

So that's it ladies, hope this article was helpful. To have a better makeup experience, you need to organize your makeup items, this will increase your effectiveness and creativity. Even your friends will envy you.

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