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What Big Makeup Brands Don't Want You to Know

By Denise Robinson February 25, 2019 0 comments

Who else is obsessed with the branded cosmetics that Instagram models use and recommend? I bet every girl does. Every second video we see shows a model applying Morphe eye-shadows, Huda Beauty’s lashes and Maybelline’s Mascara. It’s natural to have a desire to buy all of it even if it is not affordable.
Let me tell you something, they are hiding many things from you to make you buy their products as much as they want. Here is a list of things your make-up brands will never tell you:

1. Make Your Own Make-up Products:

Every Makeup brand out there is trying to show empathy towards their followers by launching natural makeup products for daily use to its customers. Women surprisingly believe that these products won’t affect their skins even after daily use.
But if you think through this, you will know that it does not make any sense. No matter how expensive a brand you are using on your skin, it will always contain more or fewer chemicals in it to prevent its expiration. Artificial is artificial.
If you can’t resist the make-up, the least you can do is to manufacture some basic products at home with natural and light on pocket ingredients. Some of the items that you can make are:
⦁ Translucent or Loose Powder
⦁ Eye Liner
⦁ Eye Shadow
⦁ Bronzer/Blush
⦁ Foundation
⦁ Mascara
⦁ Makeup Remover
There is no harm in giving these a try. You might not only cut your beauty expenses but can save your skin from contingent damage.

Eyeshadow Palette

2. Your Skin Needs a Break Every Now and Then:

Nature has made the human skin in a way that it can heal itself with time by following a natural repairing process. It needs time and space to breathe.
All these makeup products, especially those which are waterproof are clogging your pores and suffocating your skin.
The brand does not care about these issues as far as they are making sales. They even offer the pimple patches for coverage but never hint you to try taking a break from makeup first.
If you really want healthy skin, just hide everything for a few days and let nature do the job. Providing essential oils, night creams and serums can often start interrupting the natural healing process. So just leave the routine completely while you are at a break.

essential oils

3. Ingredients are Concentration-Wise Sorted From High to Low

Most people don’t know this but ingredients list are always listed in order of their concentration. So that means that the first ingredient you see on an ingredients list on a beauty product is one that is present in the highest concentration. The main thing you want to keep in mind while looking at the list is to look at the first 5 ingredients. This is because they make up about 80% of the entire product.
So For example, a product claims to have a lot of Aloe Vera, but the aloe-vera is listed on number 12th or more in the list of 18, it means that it is present in such low concentration that it is almost ineffective.
This implies that the brand has just added it in a very small amount to claim that it is in there, but it does not necessarily mean that it is doing what it is supposed to do because it is not just concentrated enough.
So always look into the ingredients list especially when the product claims that the product contains some specific ingredients. This will tell you about the quality of the brand.

aloe vera

4. SPF in Your Makeup Really Does Not Mean Anything

It is just a marketing ploy. Say you have a foundation and when you look at the bottle, It says it has SPF 15. So you think it’s perfect and you go ahead and buy it, thinking that now you do not need to apply sunscreen separately. And even if you aren’t skipping the sunscreen you think that you have an extra layer of protection. This is untrue. This is almost never the case.
The reason behind this is that there is no way you can actually apply enough foundation to get enough amount of sun protection that you require. Sunscreen is often applied in a sizeable amount. Think about how you use your foundation. You may use a couple of drops on the back of your hand and staple it on to your skin by a beauty blender or brush.
There is no way that this much SPF can:
⦁ Cover your entire face
⦁ Cover the face evenly
⦁ SPF 15 does not really do that much. It should be at least SPF 30 to provide serious sun protection.
Try to understand that all in one product are not practically feasible. Just like a shampoo and conditioner who cannot be in the same bottle while doing different jobs. Stop idealizing such products.

SPF Sunscreen Lotion

5. Cheap and High-End Mascaras Can Be the Same

I am not claiming that all high-end and low-end mascaras are the same. If you are getting a high-end mascara at a moderate price go for it. But if it is way too expensive, it isn’t really worth it.
It is like buying a tea bag for 100$. It’s unnecessary because all tea bags are more or less the same. Similarly, mascaras are also very basic. There is nothing much which can be added to it as such. Every mascara will have the same four ingredients:
1) Coconut Oil
2) Aloe Vera Gel
3) Beeswax pellet
4) Capsules of activated charcoal (for black) or cocoa powder (for brown)
So they are pretty much the same. You can even make one for yourself at home.
Be smart and save yourself from being a victim of their greedy marketing tactics. Avoid the confusion and acquire knowledge about the product prior to every purchase. It is your right, as well as responsibility towards you.

Let us know what your opinion is over these secrets in the comments below.



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