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There are many kinds of foundations out there but choosing the right foundation for your skin type is a big challenge. Foundations are found in countless shades and textures. It’s one in all the trickiest makeup merchandise to use because it will either provide you with that dreamy, perfect complexion, or it will have the precise opposite impact if you twig wrong. By simply understanding your skin type, you'll simply realize an ideal match.


Understand your Skin type

This is perhaps the foremost crucial step to assist you to select the proper foundation formula. You need to perceive your skin’s wants and considerations to select a formula that may work best for you. There are typically three skin types Oily, Dry and Combination.

Oily skin type is exactly what it looks like. The skin produces excess oil on the face which ends in a persistently shiny or greasy look.

Dry skin is rough and scaly. It can cause itching and crack. It can occur for a number of reasons.

Combination skin type is often dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, like the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin).


  1. Understand the type of foundation according to your skin type

Foundations are generally categorized into 4 types on the basis of the texture.

  1. Liquid Foundation

The first category is the liquid foundations. They are generally universally suitable for all skin types from dry to oily to combination.

  1. Cream Foundation

The second category is the cream foundations. They are more or less something similar to liquid foundations only but the texture of cream foundations is much heavier. So it is more suitable for people with dry to combination skin types because it’s more oily in texture. The formula is more oily and sticky.

 Stick Foundation

The third category is stick foundations. They are generally available in high-end and more professional makeup brands like for example Makeup Forever. Stick foundations are more suitable for oily skin types. Firstly, it’s not easy to blend the stick foundations easily unless or until you are a professional or someone who has an idea of stick foundations and the blending application. So then it’s fine otherwise it should not be used for dry skin types. Also, they are more used for television purposes like for example a Kryolan uses a lot of stick foundations for models and T.V actresses.


  1. Powder Foundation

The fourth and last category is powder foundations. They are definitely more suitable for oily skin types. If you are not using a foundation, generally powder foundations can be used by dry or combination skin types as well. But if you are using the foundation, so you can put a powder foundation in order to set the liquid or cream foundation that you have used previously.


  1. Find your undertone

Another essential thing while finding the best match foundation for your skin is to find your undertone. Now, this can be a little tricky but there are few tips to how you can locate your correct undertone. Undertones can be categorized into three forms- Cool, Warm and Neutral.

The first way to find the right undertone of your skin type is to look at your veins. Ifright color foundation for your skin tone your veins are more greenish in color, then you are more likely to be a warmer undertone. If your veins are more purplish or dark bluish in color, then you are more likely to be a cooler undertone, and if you have a combination of both purple or green, then you more likely to be a peach neutral undertone.

Another trick to find your undertone is if you can carry off golden jewelry more, then you are more likely to be a warmer undertone. If you stand out more in silver jewelry, then you are probably a cooler undertone. And if can flaunt and look good in both golden and silver jewelry, then you are one of those neutral undertones. Usually what the trick goes is the fairer in skin color is a cooler undertone.


  1. How to Test your Shade

A huge mistake that we do while purchasing a foundation at a beauty counter is to test the foundation shade at the back of our hand. Even the salesman swatches the shade of the foundation on the back of your hand. You have to understand that the shade of your hand and your face is definitely different. The shade of your hand is lighter than the shade of your face.

So, the best way to test the foundation is to swatch it on your jawline bringing it down till your neck. If it disappears in your skin, it’s a true match. If you can see the shade of your foundation, it’s not the right match for you because the swatch must actually get disappeared.


  1. Click Yourself

Another great tip to test a foundation is taking a picture of yourself with flash when you have applied a foundation. You will know that it’s a wrong foundation shade for you if you appear more whitish in the photos with the flash.


  1. Follow the shade names

Drugstore brands realize they can’t let you test a foundation before you have purchased it. They don’t even have criteria of giving out samples for trial purposes. So, another way to know if that is the right foundation shade for you is that the names of the foundations can guide you in a general direction. So, they will normally be called cool buff or warm beige. So whatever undertone you have will go parallel with the names of the foundation shades. This is how you can probably just anticipate a bit about the foundation shade that might go perfectly for your skin color.


  1. Make your own shade

If you cannot find a perfect shade for your skin color or if by chance you have got a wrong foundation shade that is either too light or too dark for your skin color, the best way to utilize it mix and match two or three foundation shades and make just another shade for your skin color.


As a woman, it’s your right to look beautiful. Your makeup reflects your personality. Finding a perfect match of makeup products with your skin tone is difficult but not impossible. Also, do tell me in the comment section below that how this article has helped you along with your foundation worries.

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